5 Major Scams To Avoid When It Comes To SEO

Whenever there is a need in a community, someone comes along to try and fill it. The issue becomes problematic when people do so in a manner that doesn’t help anyone, but is just self-serving. This happens a lot in technology, especially when it comes to internet marketing. Just look online for full service SEO companies and you will get hit with a lot of businesses that will take your money and return nothing. You’ll just feed them money, like others do, and they will sit back and do nothing or very little for the money and you’ll be left without traffic, or any sort of changes in regards to your websites. It’s for that reason that you may want to avoid the 5 major scams floating around in regards to search engine optimization.

Cheap Traffic Generation (Rotators)

seoThe amount of traffic generation websites online right now are incredible. You will find that you can easily pay for your page’s URL to get posted within a site and then rotated through a cycle of robots and human users. This may not sound so bad at first, and the numbers will improve. However, the traffic will be from 1 source, and will more often than not hit the wrong audience. Imagine spending a great deal of money to get 100,000 hits to your page, and none of them converting your call to action. It will be a waste. Oh, and if you use AdSense, you will get banned.

Archaic Optimization Methods

Search engines are not the same as they were ten years ago, and they aren’t even the same as they were last year. Some companies don’t care, and they are often times labeled as iconoclasts. They go against the grain, and use old methods to try and leverage the search results. They may be able to get a trickle of traffic here and there, but it will pale in comparison to what you will receive if you just follow the right protocol. Archaic methods never seem to work in terms of gaining traction online. Ask the company you’re thinking about hiring, what methods they use, and pay close attention to what they say.

Article Marketing Software Blues

You could join a website or even purchase a standalone software that will help you with article marketing. This doesn’t seem so bad at first glance, but you will have to consider something very important when moving forward with this, and that’s the fact that you’ll end up buying and utilize a method of marketing known as article spinning. The software usually takes whatever content you have and then spins it with a series of numbers and synonyms, creating what is supposed to be a unique article, but instead, you get something that is 100% duplicate, and mostly drivel. Do not fall for this.

Fake Friends, Fake Views, Fake Traffic

For video marketers and those engaging in social media, this scam is prevalent all over. Even celebrities have used this to boost their numbers. Paying for likes, follows, and video views is not a good thing. You’ll be found out soon enough, and it’s something that will not return your investment at all. It’s absolutely crucial that you do not chase this, because you will not gain anything but robotic numbers. There’s nothing quite as bad as having 10,000 followers, and no interaction with any of them.

Email Blasting and List Buying

Be careful when it comes to getting into email marketing for the purpose of SEO. This is a method that is fairly new, and should be only highlighted within the private inboxes that these messages are sent out to, but they actually get posted online as standalone page updates. This usually just spams people with your advertisement, site and more. Don’t buy into this one, it will not help in the long term.

The Reasons You need A Search engine optimization services Today

There are a lot of different opinions on the matter of search engine optimization. You may find that you find yourself believing some of the myths and ideas that are getting pushed through this arena. It’s easy to get caught up with them, as they are going to push right into you with every searched term under the internet marketing band wagon. If you find yourself dealing with a wide variety of issues that pertain to getting traffic, getting noticed online, or even social media, you’re going to eventually want to look into hiring a Search engine optimization services today. Of course it’s easy to say this, without having to list reasons, which is why the following has been compiled. These are some reasons why you need to consider this type of service moving forward, because if you don’t, you’re going to end up losing sight of the bigger picture. Without optimization of any kind, your web presence will not get the grandiose levels that are defined within the world of success on the web. It’s that simple.

Search Engines Matter Greatly

SEO servicesThere was a time on the internet where you could push your site into the mainstream without having to rely on the push of search engines at all. In fact, many people had famous websites in the past and they didn’t do a thing to advertise them. Some sites are even alive today and they are not at all getting any traffic from advertised methodologies. It’s with that in mind that you’re going to find that search engines matter now, more than ever. Think about how you find information for yourself. Seriously, how do you find information? If you said through searching online, then you are on par with what millions of other people are doing within this world.

In order to placate the search sites, you have to work within the parameters of SEO, or you will be left behind, it’s that simple. If you don’t placate them at all, you will not be listed. If you’re not listed, you will not receive the same kind of traffic that yields information for you when you search.

The Other Methods Cost A Lot of Money

Let’s assume that you didn’t want to go this route, and you wanted to look into generating traffic through various other means. If you were to look into the world of internet marketing from a different perspective, you would find that there would be serious financial investments needed. For instance, if you were to pursue PPC advertising and you wanted to ensure that you were on the top of all major searches, you would need to bid into the thousands of dollars a day to get yourself a 100% guaranteed spot before everyone else. Not only is that dangerous on the budget, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get targeted traffic in the same way that SEO does. If you have money to burn, then perhaps this is a good option for you, but it’s not going to be conducive to your long term plans, that’s for sure.

Optimization Can Last For Months, Maybe Even Years

Once in place, you could find that your marketing collateral can put you right in place for years to come. Imagine setting up a campaign that is only going to get more and more mature over time. It’s within that world that you will see that this matters greatly. Page rank, domain authority, and so much more are all part of the lexicon of internet marketing when it comes to search engine optimization. There’s no two ways about it, and you’ll find that to be an absolute when you start investing a serious amount of time into SEO as a whole. Don’t let yourself lose out on this, or you will not be able to manifest a serious amount of work for your marketing purposes.

The Professional Edge

Small businesses today have to deal with a lot of different issues pertaining to the world of marketing as a whole. It’s something that you will not be able to deal with on your own, and even if you were savvy in the world of DIY marketing, you would still need a professional edge. When you look into hiring a Search engine optimization services, you will get that edge against competitors. You’ll find that your conversions will rise to all new levels, and you will see real results. There’s something that you cannot implement on your own, and that’s a manifestation of time and purpose past your free time. You may have a few hours a day to work on this, but a Search engine optimization services is going to put in 40 hours a week fixing your optimization needs, and implementing the right voice for your site.

At the end of the day, you could either get a helping hand moving forward, or you could end up getting lost in the shuffle. If you want to get yourself into the fray of things, you should definitely look into the world of marketing as a whole. It’s the only way to ensure that you’re going to build on the right pieces to get noticed online in any niche. Hire a pro, and see how far your website could go.